Charging your EV

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Charge up with Volkswagen

The 3 Different EV Charging Levels

Level 1: Home outlet charging

Up to 5km charge an hour.

It’s nice to recharge at home after a long day. Same goes for your EV. Just plug in the 120v charging cable into any home outlet and let it do its thing.

It would take approximately 2 days to fully charge your EV.

Too slow? No problem because that takes us to…


Level 2: Home charging and public charging

Up to 50km charge an hour.*

People say they need 8 hours of sleep to feel fully charged. EVs feel the same. That’s probably why so many Canadians install a Level 2 240v home charging station in their garages. With a full EV charge in about 8 hours, it’s just plug, sleep, then get up and go. A lot of condo and office buildings have Level 2 chargers, too.

Must go faster? Drum roll, please.

*Estimated charging times are provided as a reference only. Actual charging times will vary based on battery state of charge, driving behaviour, battery condition, current, resistance, a
nd ambient temperature, available voltage and charging frequency.


Level 3: Public charging

100km of charge in about 10 minutes.


With 350kW of power, a Level 3 charger can give your EV more range faster than it might take to run a quick errand or wait for your food to arrive. As of right now, Level 3 chargers are mostly found in public, and our EVs are compatible with all of them.


As a Volkswagen EV Owner, you get up to 4 years of fast charging with Electrify Canada, the largest growing network of public Level 3 chargers in the country.**

**Offer is not available for commercial use vehicles (such as ride shares) and is not transferable. Available with purchase or lease of new 2023 ID.4 vehicles. Requires Electrify Canada account, app, enrollment in ID.4 Charging Plan, and acceptance of Terms of Use. After vehicle reaches full charge, and 10-min grace period, idle fees will apply. In the event of suspected fraud or abuse or other unfore


seen events, Volkswagen Canada may discontinue or modify the offer in its sole discretion.

Installing a Charger at Home


Having a charger that will work with your specific needs is essential to ensuring you are always ready for the adventure ahead. The process of installing a home charger can sound daunting, but we can help ensure it is a piece of cake (electric cake)!


Choose A Level

Now that you know the difference between the different levels of charging, it’s time to pick the option that is right for you: level 1 or level 2. Consider your needs and choose the charger that will work best for you!

Choose an Installation Spot

Choosing the right installation spot is an essential! Choose somewhere close to an electrical outlet, close enough to your vehicle, and out of the way from foot traffic. Make sure to be aware of the safety guidelines and procedures, such as this, as well as the following the instructions per the manufacturer’s specifications

Getting it Installed

Now that you know the details of what is is that you want, it is time to hire an experienced electrician to help make the magic happen. Once the charger has been mounted, connected to the proper power source, and been connected to the vehicle, be sure to test it to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

Be Aware of Safety Precautions

Be sure to read the user manual to ensure you know how to use the charger properly and safely. Keep the charger and all components out of the reach of children and animals, out of water and wet weather, and avoid use of an extension cord.