Our Community Commitment and Support.

We believe that we are going to get through this by having everyone do their part which is why we are currently closed to the public but we have a very small team who have volunteered to stay and help.

We are doing this in order to help support our first responders who need ways to get to work & home. We are here solely to support the needs of our front line workers only. We have systems in place to keep our team safe.

Our RV Dealership has also offered up to 70 RV’s & Trailers to the Oshawa & Ajax Hospitals for Doctors and Nurses to live in since many of them aren’t able to go home. We have a Volunteer team to come in and help with this soon as the call comes in.

We understand others might have questions or concerns as well, we kindly ask that you contact us through our virtual help lines and we will assist you to the best we can by using online tools. Visit our websites for details.

The safety of our team and our community is our top priority.

Thank-you for your understanding & stay safe,

Owasco Group

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